Amsco Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Amsco Fire specialises in the design & installation of Domestic and Residential Sprinkler Systems for properties ranging from loft conversions, houses and flats to hospitals, care homes and listed buildings etc.

Concealed Sprinkler Systems are becoming more and more popular in the UK. It is the best life safety system available - in fact - the equivalent to having a fireman in each room of your property 24 hours a day! Unlike smoke detector systems which can only warn about fire - Sprinkler Systems will warn and also suppress or extinguish a fire. There has never been a fire death in a home fully protected by a sprinkler system worldwide.

There are two main types of sprinkler systems -

  • The standard system using a dedicated water main or pump and tank.

  • The latest technology 'Low Flow' pressurised Mist system which has the huge advantage of being able to more effectively extinguish a fire using less water which, in turn, means needing less water storage and subsequently means less potential water damage.


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